As our State Representative, Mike Reese is fighting for taxpayers in Harrisburg. As a husband, father, taxpayer, Mike knows government must do more with less – and knows Harrisburg must become an ally in our fight to create jobs and make our local economy grow. Mike’s plan is simple. By trimming spending, including decreasing the size of Pennsylvania’s legislative bodies, Mike is working to eliminate the need for future tax hikes and to better control the borrowing of money, which simply guarantees higher taxes in the future.

Legislate in the Light of Day

What Mike has learned in his short time in the legislature is that too much of what is done in Harrisburg is done behind closed doors and by just a few powerful politicians. He’s been fighting to make the state legislature more open and transparent so every citizen has a strong voice through their own legislator.

Make Pennsylvania Competitive

Government bureaucracies and red tape continue to be one of the biggest reasons why companies find it difficult to create jobs in our state. This is especially true when it comes to state business taxes which are among the highest in the country. Mike is working to make sure Pennsylvania’s business tax and regulatory structure are more competitive with other states to stop employers from leaving and encourage new employers to settle here to grow our local economy.

Cut Wasteful and Outdated Programs

State government got huge by adding new programs, but never ending them when they no longer make sense. Mike has reviewed the budget line-by-line to see what works, what doesn’t, and what can be eliminated and knows we must scale back state government.

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