“We’ve balanced the budget without raising
taxes or increasing debt, helped small businesses
so they can create jobs, and protected critical
education funding for local schools. I’ve put
our families first to get Pennsylvania back on
track, but there’s more to be done.”

– Mike Reese

Management of Tax Dollars

Though there are many aspects to serving as a state representative in this great Commonwealth, it appears as though one of the largest matters of concern has been the management of spending.
The current spending in Harrisburg is excessive and in some cases reckless; therefore I have supported efforts to cap state spending to ensure fiscal responsibility. The residents in the 59th district find a way to live within a budget, so should our commonwealth.

Until spending can be reigned in and misuses identified, I can’t see the purpose of increasing Harrisburg’s largest source of tax revenue. Therefore, I simply will not vote for any kind of a tax increase.

Accountability in Harrisburg

Many concerns were sparked in 2005 when state legislators voted to approve their own pay raise, and now, there is an investigation into possible illegal bonuses paid to state employees for performing political work. Because of these types of behavior, our government has lost the faith of the citizens.

That’s why I have supporterd legislation that opens the financial records for every representative and senator in Harrisburg. Transparency and open records are the key to accountability to the people who pay the taxes.

Consolidation in Harrisburg

Budgeting is a complicated process, but how can our Commonwealth limit or even decrease spending without cutting services needed by many of our citizens? The answer is to eliminate duplications in services and reducing the size of our legislture. We must also eliminate the fraud, waste and abuse that exist in many state programs. This is a progressive approach toward reducing the cost of our government now and into the future.

Business Environment

Pennsylvania has a proud tradition as being home to profitable businesses that offer family sustaining jobs in several different fields. But unfortunately, the business climate in our commonwealth has withered, causing young families to relocate to other states.

Put simply, we cannot tax our way to prosperity. If we can reduce the burden of taxes on both small and large businesses alike, we will be establishing an equitable environment for all business to operate and thrive. The increase of quality careers being available can’t help but increase the overall quality of life for all Pennsylvanians.

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